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St Luke Denim & Diamond Gala 2023

I'm Celeste Broerman, mom of  5 Rebels.
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Donation Includes:
Desert Mist Diffuser
3 essential oils: Raven, KidPower, Sleepyize
3 Room Sprays: Grumpy, Study, Sneezy
4 Roller bottles: Stay Healthy, Study, Cough, Sleep

Raven: learn more
KidPower: learn more
Sleepyize: learn more

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Instructions to Remake the Spray Bottles:
Grumpy Room Spray: 10 drops of sleepyize, pinch of salt to keep the oil in solution, fill the rest with water, spray around a room to scare away the grumpiness.

Study Room Spray: 10 drops KidPower, pinch of salt, fill the rest with water, spray to freshen a room and to reduce anxiousness that homework or studying may bring on

Sneezy Room Spray: 10 drops Raven, pinch of salt, fill rest with water. Spray the room to help reduce symptoms of allergies, breathe easier.

Instructions to Remake the Roller Bottles:
Stay Healthy Roller: 5 drops Thieves Blend, 5 drops Lavender Essential oil, 5 drops Lemon Essential oil, fill with organic olive oil, apply to bottom of feet and along spine before school and at bedtime

Cough Roller: 5 drops Raven, fill rest with organic olive oil, apply to upper chest, bottoms of feet, & over sinuses (avoid the eyes--flush with milk gets in eyes)

Sleep Roller: 5 drops Sleepyize, fill rest with organic olive oil, apply to chest, wrists, & bottom of feet at nap or bedtime

Study Roller: 5 drops KidPower, fill with organic olive oil, apply to wrists and nape of the neck as often as needed, ex: before school, before a test, before a presentation to help calm the nerves

Essential Oil Class 101:   CLASS   Password: B9C!+9tY 

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