A Mama with a Nap Can Tackle the World
Are  you saying to yourself.... I want THAT kind of nap...LOL!

Maybe you don't have time for a nap....but maybe you don't NEED a nap.
Maybe you just need to find your source of energy.

What in the world am I talking about?

I'm not talking about a Grande Mocha Latte from Starbucks...
I'm talking about finding your source of happiness....a type of energy that makes you come alive!

When was the last time you thought about your passions? Did they get kicked to the curb when the sports schedule got added to your google calendar?  or dance schedule....or a second job?

No matter the reason...it's time for you to re-ignite your passion!!

I personally don't need the nap....I need MY TIME once a week all.to.myself....even if all I do is clean the house or complete a few family-associated items on my To-Do list.  I'm an introvert and I recharge when I'm alone....which is hard when you have a family of 7. I am also a craft-o-holic so getting some crafting in excites my neurons and makes me happy!

Are you a crafter like me? Click Crafting a Simple Life to find my crafting group on Facebook. There we inspire one another to craft and create! Everyone is welcome to post their creations! 

So maybe crafting doesn't exhilarate you.....so what does?

Take the next 5 minutes and write down the first 5 things that come to mind.

IDEAS to get your mind thinking: running, exercising, writing a heart felt letter to a friend, volunteering, posting encouraging social media posts, random compliments to strangers, reading a book, calling a parent, taking a nap :) , writing your own blog post, trying a new recipe, reading your confirmation statements every morning, sharing about your small business, making jewelry, inspiring others, or  organizing a party!

Now, schedule it in your week as  a PRIORITY and see how it changes you!

Let's inspire one other!
-Celeste Broerman 

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  1. Rodríguez Elizabeth  02/20/2021 04:38 PM Central
    Thanks for reminding me to take time, to do what it’s my passion.

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