Preparing Your Home for Your Newborn...Organically

Preparing Your Home for Your Newborn...Organically

First order of business....CONGRATULATIONS!

Life is about to get REAL in your household.

Babies are not little versions of adults....they need every protection you can offer them.  

It begins with what contacts their skin and the air they breathe around them.

It's not just preparing the nursery....because we know your sweet newborn will spend most of their days with you and not in the Pinterest-perfect nursery in the beginning....

It's preparing your entire home....and it....

We begin by exploring what you clean your clothes with.  Baby clothes AND your clothes will be touching your baby's skin 24/7. Our skin is our largest organ....and those small babies can't handle a massive load of toxic chemicals. They were living in the most perfect place...protected from harm. 

What laundry soap are you using?

 Let's begin with the most natural, plant-based organic clothes detergent out there....Thieves Laundry Soap. It's absolutely gentle on the skin...and hard on dirt......speaking from experience with 5 kids. It gets the job done. We want to keep that smooth baby skin smooth as a baby's bootie! You will want to wash all of your clothes and baby clothes/blankets in this organic laundry soap prior to baby coming home from the hospital. #BePrepared
Avoid using dryer sheets...even those "perfume free, dye free" ones....just use wool balls.  Those sheets are laden with ingredients you can't even pronounce!  NO THANK YOU! Wool balls will do the trick. They help with static cling AND reduces drying time. YEP! Money saving! 

What cleaning products are you using all over your house?

Next step, switching out toxic cleaners for a naturally organic one instead. Thieves Household Cleaner will replace every single cleaner in your home. Simple variations in dilution is the key! You will no longer have 10 different cleaners under your sink that you have to LOCK AWAY. I know what you are thinking....I don't have time to make all those variations. I'll be the first to tell you that it takes longer to go to the store than it does to add some cleaner to a spray bottle and add some water. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.  I also have FREE printable labels to slap on those bottles.  HERE is the link to the All Things Thieves post on how to make all-the-cleaners you need. Those labels are available for my customers in the free app. More on that later. Because I love free!

Oh, one more thing....I've done the research....and those cleaners at the store have tons of warnings.....warnings that shouldn't be allowed on a grocery store shelf. Ingredients that shouldn't be around you....let alone a newborn. Google harmful ingredients in the most common brands on the will be WIDE EYES OPEN. When you know better, you do better....then you tell others. That's why I'm here. #momshelpingmoms 
You don't want chemicals on your counters...where you prepare your food. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Finally, baby products. Just because your mother used 'those' products....doesn't mean those products were safe....or are actually containing the same ingredients from 20-30 years ago. Think about it.....synthetic fragrances are all the rage......did you see that? Synthetic.fragrances.are.chemicals. Say NO to synthetic anything on baby skin.

Let me tell you about the uber organic baby products I used on my family. I used plant-based essential oil-infused products that I knew would be safe for my family. I had no reservations on using every single baby product on my baby. It took the guess work out. 

As a mom, we want THE BEST for our babies.....

The Seedlings baby line includes diaper rash cream, a soothing balm, baby lotion, baby oil, linen spray, baby wash, and baby wipes.....all infused with organic essential oils like lavender and other soothing oils. That baby smell that you'll absolutely love! You will catch yourself smelling your baby any chance you get!  Smelling your baby actually does some amazingly relaxing things in our it!

What ingredients are missing from the Seedling's Baby line? 

ALL of the products  were dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly, and formulated without 
  • lanolin
  • parabens
  • phthalates
  • petrochemicals
  • synthetic preservatives
  • synthetic fragrances
  • synthetic colorants
Have I mentioned these products can be shipped straight to your door? Easy Peasy.

Mamas....I can't forget to give you some tips!

Because I know how life after a cesarean section AND a vaginal birth brought different experiences....I'm here to share some tips on what to expect from my personal story. 

After having the will be tired but on cloud there anything better than seeing that precious baby after 9 months of waiting?!? But there will be needed healing time and bonding with baby. 

Always follow your doctors instructions....but here is what I found to be most helpful in recovery.

Walk as soon as the nurses say you are allowed to. Walking helps with the circulation 'down there'.....and you were forcing massive pressure down there causing tons of swelling. 

The nurses will be caring for you the first day or so, so expect little privacy down there....but they are looking for gradual reduction of uterine size and bleeding. Ice packs are amazing.....and so are cooling sprays like organic Claraderm Spray. For c-sections, you will need the ok on when to start using this spray on the surgical site....vaginal births should be good right away to help with soothing and swelling.

Bring a diffuser in your birthing and recovery room. Calming essential oils help you relax or "get in the zone." The nurses raved about my diffuser and hung out a little longer in my room. Who wouldn't love a room that smells like a spa? Use only organic essential oils....don't worry...I've got that covered too. Seed to Seal Promise Guarantee are the only oils I use.

More Bonus tips
Every time you think of your baby....take a few sips of water. You will need to stay hydrated to feed your baby. Seek help with a lactation nurse before you leave the hospital. Nursing can be hard at first.  You are learning and so is baby.  
Be prepared to know if you would be ok with supplementing with formula or not. This is YOUR decision. This is a no judging zone here. We just need baby fed and healthy!

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